Sympathetic Vibrations

by Gysklar

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released February 18, 2012

album artwork;
Lindsay Parsons



all rights reserved


Gysklar Salt Lake City, Utah

Gysklar (gîs-kler) is me. Gysklar is you. Gysklar is what we hear but don't understand. Please enjoy.

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Track Name: Captain Sebastian Fashion
beginner's luck
first time - doesn't matter
cos he's no true scot, no true scot
My my my
his form - not the norm
should conform to the
Captain Sebastian Fashion, maybe
hardly a couple times more and he'll learn
he'll learn
it's the best way, the true way, the tried way,
the only way I know

The student can't hide
from the teacher's own pride

your methods only succeed
to impeed - to limit
your own perceptions - a weed
this Captain Sebastian Fashion must have
worked swell for the dear old Captain
but I'm afraid his was act I
ours, act Ii
learn you lines
Track Name: Truth Is
The walls aren't really there
no not at all, actually
factually, my thesis pinned on the wall
is all I've to account for
confined in this room

Strip the paint off the wall
they come tumbling down
they're all gone
the ghouls, gaunts,
boundaries, foundaries of
fallen images paint a Monet

Truth is
you can't see your own lies
for you life
truth is
all of your alibis
are gone

Carcasses left
cling to the wire
this foolish attire has worn itself
days much too long

(final refrain)
Truth is you sing your own refrain
Track Name: Wise Old Owl Eyes
Wise, wise, old owl eyes
highly superior, you'd surmise
but long after hours, when his wisdom blooms flowers
his voice seems to echo a horror most seem to despise
wise, old owl eyes
contemplate over (compensate for) the mess that they made
Track Name: Enjoy, It's a Novelty
At the start, it had seemed so hard
to open the door, to open the door
you're never quite sure what is waiting for you
to open the door,
behind double doors

there were so many reasons to not
open the door, to open the door
there are many ones that are made with lies
you've opened those doors
you've opened those doors

now it's done, you will have to live with
what's through the door, you've opened the door
to just more doors in a hall of mirrors
to reflect on yourself,
you self-centered douche-bag

enjoy, it's a novelty
enjoy, it's a novelty
Track Name: Harrow
A kid alone walking down the corridor of gray skies
still too scared of the shadows to open his eyes
on the road for so long he's sure the threat is gone
but he contemplates the point of going on

Suburban memories echo inside
it doesn't bother him so much with time

Empty frames of forgotten people line the horizon
they wait in silent desperation

Suburban memories echo inside
he finds
it doesn't bother him so much with time
Track Name: My Quest, In Retrospect
Giant; pale fog morning
I breath deep, the air nostalgia
the hills all have yet to wake
blanketed by the misty trees

it's been far too long since then
I have all but forgotten this
am I coming home at all
I sold my memories of home
for this quest
for this quest

the fog; serene, though still erases
the landscape plain
the hills have no memory now
of springtime past
but all the same

it's been far too long since then
I have all but forgotten this
am I coming home at all
I sold my memories of home
for this quest
for this quest

I hunger for the way it was
I hunger for the things I never did
I hunger for the guy I was
I hunger for the guy I'll never be
Track Name: Away From Me
You always stay away from me
I always stay away from you

There's some time for us to share
good laughs
but you've got yours and I've got my

you keep you opinions away from me
and my feelings will stay far from you
Track Name: Harvey, We Always Get Along
Harvey, he is my friend
6 feet tall you'd think you would see him there
he tells me to be fair
he also thinks the wars should end

Harv and I, we always get along,
we always get along
he helps me
you can't see?

The t.v. says he's not real
and so do my friends who aren't half as decent
as harvey
Track Name: Stupid Jokes
I am waiting for your stupid jokes
to ease my pain
and please your folks
but please don't choke
on the punch line

in this room there's no place
for you tender ones
they'll have to fend for themselves
and eat our scraps
but perhaps
they might survive
Track Name: Noise
Bearer of truth do you fancy lies, rumours and fables
to make friends? sure you do
to make friends? of course you do

Sometimes in the absence of words
assumptions are heard loud and clear
the white winter silence I long for
is drown out by the noise

Did I miss something crucial here?
Or is this just some base, primal fear of the
noise that rages on and on
my shortness of breath is not heard
even by me

I'm plagued by hunger for reason of why
it's more than just clinical fear
it's fruitless most of the time
but time doesn't care about why

you might say it's a drunken rage
but I'm not the one who's drunk with rage
the noise it rages on and on
my shortness of breath is not heard
even by me

you may say it's a drunken rage
but if I don't speak up more then I'll be drown out by all the
noise it rages on and on
no shortness of breath is heard
even by me
even by me
Track Name: Internet Comic (I - Online Misfortune / II - The Face of Unknown)
Ninety-five weak children in the mud
five stronger ones, they blessed play in the sand
they understand

I prayed to God and asked him why
the weaker, they suffer
what little love has he to give
- the others in blessed sand

the cold coward shows his hand
I should have known
the face of the Unknown

Their courses set, the mud will drink their tears
the stronger yet, will play just as we, before
the odds are sure
years down the road, the sand had worn their hands
yet in the myre, the weak built homes of mud
they understood

I'm waiting for the answer
in comfort I'm waiting
my thesis is so clear I fear
the unwelcome's at the door

the cold coward shows his hand
I should have known
the face of the Unknown
a tough truth that seldom nods
it's always there
the face of the Unknown